Amit Shah: Hindu Religion Has Solutions for All Problems

Controversial Indian politician Amit Shah praises Hinduism.

Amit Shah is a well-known man in the political world in India. He has a crooked past, and many people who dislike him, just as any politician. In addition to that past, he has a whole mess of successful ambitions under his belt. He was recently awarded a promotion in the BJP as the new President while at the Gujarat University convention center, though there have been hints about it for many weeks. When he spoke to those observing, he said that the “Hindu religion has solutions for all the problems in the world… I am not saying this because I am born Hindu.” In fact, he is saying it because he feels that “God made me seek his blessings in my youth.” By this, he is referring to the 2 years he was not permitted to enter Gujarat.

Who is Amit Shah?

Amit Shah is known as a master strategist, having given Narendra Modi his aid in the early 2000’s. He recently helped guide Uttar Pradesh in achieving BJP dominance. He has been a key piece to the puzzle in organizing BJP’s northern victories. In spite of his numerous successes, there are many who aren’t pleased by his rise to power due to his past criminal charges and current ones.

As a youth, he was a part of the RSS, or the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Though as a child he took part in shakhas, he became a swayamsevak while attending school in Ahmedabad. In fact, this is where he met Modi, who was a minor RSS pracharak in charge of youth activity. He was listed for the murder of Shorabuddin Sheikh, a small-time gangster. In addition, his wife, Kausar Bi, and his associate, Tulsiram Prajapati, were included in the murder charges Shah faced. He was charged in 2010 for murder, kidnapping and extortion, as well as 5 other charges based on the Indian Penal Code in relation to the Sheikh case. He was jailed July 2010 and was released 3 months later on bail. After which, he was banned from entering Gujarat for two years


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