Religious Garments Ban Sparks College Protests in India

Colleges in Karnataka, India, have started banning the use of any religious garment not explicitly called for in their dress code. This prevents Muslim

Ladakh Becomes First Buddhist-majority Union Territory in India

Ladakh Becomes First Buddhist-Majority Union Territory in India

For decades Buddhist leaders have campaigned for separation Over the course of two days, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) divided Jammu and Kashmir into two

The Problem with Modi's Plan to Refurbish a Hindu Temple

The Problem with Modi’s Plan to Refurbish a Hindu Temple

Critics say Varanasi's essence will be lost The Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Hindu nationalist government has subjected the ancient Indian city of Varanasi to

Peaceful Protest by Hindus Demanding Temple by 16th Century Mosque

Peaceful Protest by Hindus Demanding Temple Near 16th Century Mosque

Over 200,000 monks and Hindu activists gather at Ayodhya to bring attention to construction of temple. On Sunday, over 200,000 monks and Hindu activists

Arrests Made After Hindus Are Forced to Convert to Christianity

Financial inducements were supposedly offered The police in Uttar Pradesh arrested Brahmanand and Mann Singh after Shivkumar Singh, a member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak

Modi Urges India to Reject Religious Violence

Modi Speaking Out Against Violence in India

Many perpetrators support BJP, the Prime Minister's own party Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister has urged his country's citizens to reject religious violence[/tweetit]

Huge Protests All Over India About Muslim Violence, Both Christians and Hindus Get Involved

Many believe the Central and State governments are complicit in the matter. Indian citizens all over the country held aloft placards and posters when

Controversial Hindu Priest Elected Leader of India’s Biggest State

Modi's party picks the controversial Yogi Adityanath as leader of Uttar Pradesh. Indian politics took a surprising turn electing controversial Hindu priest as Chief

India’s New Law: Politicians Cannot Use Religion to Win Elections

India court rules elections must be secular The Supreme Court of India on Monday ruled the use of religion and caste in seeking votes

Are Indian-American Hindus Really Going to Vote for Trump?

Are Indian-American Hindus Really Going to Vote for Trump?

Indian-American support for Donald Trump may change after Republican Hindu Coalition faux pas. At a time when recent scandals have tilted the scales against