Are Indian-American Hindus Really Going to Vote for Trump?

Are Indian-American Hindus Really Going to Vote for Trump?

Are Indian-American Hindus Really Going to Vote for Trump?
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Indian-American support for Donald Trump may change after Republican Hindu Coalition faux pas.

At a time when recent scandals have tilted the scales against the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump decided to attempt tapping a new potential voter block—Indian-Americans. Statistics indicate almost 70 percent of Indian Americans will be voting for Democrat Hillary Clinton instead of Trump. Despite this, Trump knew had no choice but to try his luck with the community, especially since he lost favor with evangelical Americans, who were once his major source of support.

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However, most of the Indian-Americans are not impressed by Trump. If anything, the Republican seems to have become more unpopular with the community. One of the biggest mistakes Trump made was during the Humanity United Against Terrorism event when he referred to Indians as 'Hindus', as if all Indians practice Hinduism. Trump also said he’s a big fan of “Hindu” as if Hindu is a God to be worshipped.

Trump doesn’t seem to understand not all Indians follow Hinduism. India has a long history of religious diversity, followers of the 'Hindu' way of life, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, Islam and even others such as Judaism, Zoroastrianism and the Baha’i Faith. Trump's repeated reference to all Indians as 'Hindus' has made many heads shake in disappointment.His praise of India’s controversial Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and attempts to draw parallels between himself and the Indian Prime Minister did little to help.

Ironically, the few Indians who did attend the event seemed to be excited about Trump's promises to grant them American citizenship faster, even though Trump had previously called for tougher laws on immigration.

The Indian supporters of Trump say the biggest reason they feel Trump should be President is because they share the same opinion on “radical Islamic terror.”


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