Satan’s Time in the Sun

Hail Satan? Examines the Rise of The Satanic Temple

Satan’s Time in the Sun
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A recent movement in the United States has begun championing Satan and all that he stands for.

Satanic iconography and imagery have for long been associated with the dark arts. Conservative Christians and evangelical organizations use Satan as a tool to channel believers onto the path of righteousness. But a recent movement in the United States has begun championing Satan and all that he stands for.

‘Hail Satan?’ Examines the Rise of The Satanic Temple[/tweetthis]

Director Penny Lane, of Our Nixon fame, recently released a new documentary entitled Hail Satan?. The documentary follows the life and times of members of the “infamous” Satanic Temple. The group, founded in 2013 and based in Salem Massachusetts, is a non-theistic religious and political activist group. The documentary follows their rise and sheds light about their work and beliefs.

The group propagates a liberal mindset devoid of puritanical beliefs. This is visible in Lane’s Hail Satan? documentary. In the documentary, an Arkansas politician erects a monument in honor of the Ten Commandments. The members of The Satanic Temple then provide evidence why they too should be allowed to set up a monument with a goat-headed Satanic figure next to it, to celebrate their beliefs. The documentary has been crafted to throw light on the prevailing conservative attitudes plaguing the United States.

The choice to select The Satanic Temple as the topic for her film had been an obvious one for Lane. One of The Satanic Temple’s fundamental philosophies is freedom of speech and liberty. The group is dedicated to educating Americans about the consequences of following a blind theist regime. Their objective has always been the upholding of the First Amendment – equality amongst all races and religions in America. The Temple has also been an advocate of abortion rights and religious freedom and pluralism. The documentary comes at a time when racial tensions are high in the Trump-led political system. This has made it all the more impactful on audiences.

Of course, Hail Satan?Amazon’s Good Omens to Fox’s Lucifer and Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina have tackled the issue of blind faith.

With the establishment of the Trump Government, these films and shows have been gaining popularity. The Temple too has experienced a massive spike in membership. Lane’s documentary was one of the factors responsible for the same. For non-member audiences, the documentary has given a fresh perspective on America’s stance on religion-infused politics.


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