Guitarist Brian Welch's Journey to God and Rejoining Korn

Guitarist Brian Welch’s Journey to God and Rejoining Korn

Guitarist Brian Welch's Journey to God and Rejoining Korn
By Sven Mandel [CC BY-SA 3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons
Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch talks about accepting Jesus and returning to his former band.

Stories of people who were hopeless in life but found peace and hope in accepting Christ into their lives are very common. However, the story of a metal band guitarist becoming a Christian and working hard towards getting “lost souls” back to Christ is a unique one. What makes this story of Korn guitarist Brian Welch even more surprising is that he joined the band again eight years after leaving it, as a Christian.

Guitarist Brian Welch’s Journey to God and Rejoining Korn[/tweetthis]

Welch, who was battling addictions of alcohol and drugs like Xanax, sleeping pills, and methamphetamine, had said he “found Jesus” in 2005 and quit the band, much to the shock of the band's fans. Now, eight years later, he re-joined the band because the members, he says, have become more responsible and family-oriented. Welch says that in these eight years his band members have gotten married and become fathers. Family life and the desire to be good fathers and husbands has taught them to be more responsible in life.

Though the Welch had always missed his life as a Korn guitarist, but it was not healthy and had to leave.

He says the band members, including him, were all about the “girls, parties, drugs and booze.” By 2005, the guitarist had realized that he could not go on living life the way he was, drowning in various addictions and he decided to switch over to spirituality.

Welch praised his band members for their openhearted welcome when he chose to rejoin. Though he was apprehensive of what they would say and how they would react to his request, the members made him feel quite comfortable and did not hesitate before taking him back. Welch feels that the band has always made people happy with their music, and says he wants to continue making people happy.

A single father, Welch is glad of the choices he has made in life which has now brought him to this point. His daughter Jennea was his biggest reason to undergo a life change, as he realized that she was suffering from his separation from his wife. He wanted his daughter to be happy and chose to sacrifice his fame and popularity for her. Ever since his conversion, Welch has been very open and vocal about his spiritual life.

Welch strongly propagates the love of Christ and opposes Christians who are judgmental about people who do live up to the standards of morality that they have set as he believes this is what estranges people from Christ more. In one post on a social media site, Welch has even appealed fanatic Christians saying “I’m begging you, please stop.”


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