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If the World’s Great Religions Pass Away

A few years ago, a number of people noted that psychiatry was becoming somewhat of a state-sponsored religion. In this new religion, science was

Will Watching Military Videos Stop Christian's Porn Addiction?

Can Watching Military Videos Stop A Christian’s Porn Addiction?

'Conquer Series' Uses Disputed Science and a Unique Approach Do you use internet porn too much? Are you a Christian man? Big fan of

Faith in Recovery Pt. 11

Faith in Recovery Pt. 11: How Does Redemption Fit into Faith and Treatment?

Redemption In Drug Recovery And Religion Are More Similar Than You Think “I don't believe the world's a particularly beautiful place, but I do

Faith in Recovery Pt. 10

Faith in Recovery Pt. 10: Faith and Addiction in Prison

Are Prison Drug Rehab Programs More Effective with Religion? “You can tell a lot about a civilization by the quality of the people found

Faith in Recovery Pt. 9

Faith in Recovery Pt. 9: How to Connect Faith to Recovery

An Exclusive Interview with Scott Weeman of Catholic in Recovery. “It’s really excellent finding people who are just opening the door to faith and

Faith in Recovery Pt. 7

Faith In Recovery Pt. 7: How Religious Communities Combat Addiction

Shared Suffering for Communities and Different Approaches to Solving it. “And if anyone saved a life, it would be as if they have saved

Faith in Recovery Part 6

Faith in Recovery Pt. 6: Should the Government Fund Faith-Based Rehabs?

The Supreme Court ruled in 2000 the government can directly fund religious groups, as long as the money is used for secular programs. “The

Faith in Recovery Pt. 3

Faith in Recovery Pt. 3: Is Faith-Based Addiction Treatment More Effective?

History and studies demonstrate compelling evidence supporting faith in addiction recovery “ 'Religion is the opiate of the masses' masks an enormously important therapeutic

Faith in Recovery

Faith in Recovery Pt. 1: Can Faith Help Battle Addiction?

WRN's twelve-part series will explore the relationship between faith and addiction and how various religious organizations & beliefs battle drug and alcohol abuse. “Most

You Don't Need to be Religious to Fight Porn

You Don’t Need to be Religious to Fight Porn

Porn addiction isn't just an issue in religious circles. At one time, only people of faith opposed porn. The reason they gave for opposing