Is Georgetown Losing Catholic Identity?

Is Georgetown Losing Its Catholic Identity in Student Dispute?

Is Georgetown Losing Catholic Identity?
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Clash between Religious Doctrine and University Rules

Is Georgetown going through an identity crisis? This is the question being asked because of an ongoing dispute about a student organization.

Is Georgetown Losing Its Catholic Identity in Student Dispute?[/tweetthis]

It began when the president of the Love Saxa student club wrote an op-ed piece titled “Confessions of a Teenage Virgin.” In the article, the president wrote about her decision to abstain from sex until marriage and her organization’s support of same-sex marriage. The organization is designed for students that “lack a space to discuss their experiences of the harmful effects of a distorted view of human sexuality and the human person.”

Students protested the op-ed and the organization based on the rhetoric and beliefs used. The university has rules that any organization cannot receive funds and may be censured if the group “foster hatred or intolerance of others because of their race, nationality, gender, religion or sexual preference.” The official complaint is that the $250 funding that Love Saxa receives and the club should be eliminated.

The unique situation is that Georgetown is the oldest Catholic higher education institution in the United States. Since the Catholic’s religious doctrine clearly sides with Love Saxa is Georgetown violating its foundation if it eliminates the club? If it keeps the club is it violating the rules of the university.

Nearly 50% of the students identify of Catholics, but 75% of Catholics age 18-29 believe in same-sex marriage. The club has received support from Reverend James Martin, who has preached for tolerance toward the LGBT community.

The university will make their decision on Monday. If Love Saxa is sanctioned they can appeal the decision.


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