Franklin Graham Says Trump Defends the Christian Faith

Franklin Graham Says Trump Defends the Christian Faith

Franklin Graham Says Trump Defends the Christian Faith
By Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
Franklin Graham goes to great lengths to support President Donald Trump.

Evangelist Franklin Graham continues to maintain his support for Donald Trump[/tweetit], as he believes the President is a defender of Christian faith.

Franklin Graham Says Trump Defends the Christian Faith[/tweetthis]

Billy Graham’s son, Franklin, decided to express his opinions about the President of the United States on Axios on HBO. Franklin speaks out for the Evangelical community and is politically influential. The interview with Franklin Graham came out at the same time Donald Trump was taking strict action against children who wanted asylum in the nation.

According to Graham, it isn’t tricky to explain why he defends the President. During the show, the evangelist leader stated that several people had questioned this decision, due to Donald Trump's dishonorable motives and actions. From his statements, the evangelist was talking about the sexual misconduct allegations against Trump. Despite the situation, the President continued to deny these allegations.

Graham stated that no one in the world lives a life of perfection. However, Donald Trump creates good policies, which is an excellent characteristic. He made it clear that Trump isn’t the perfect example when it comes to Christian faith. Graham appreciates Trump takes the time and effort to protect this religion.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association CEO and president remained staunch of his decision to support the President, regardless of how Trump treats women. Graham stated Trump is aware of his faults, and he apologized to his family members for all his actions. He continued that Trump must now face God for all the things he committed during his life.

Billy Graham stayed away from political endorsements, after his close friend, former President Richard Nixon got involved in the Watergate scandal. However, Franklin Graham doesn’t share the same opinion, as he supports conservative policies.

Activists in the UK have tried taking several measures to prevent the evangelist from entering their country. They were against his belief in biblical sexuality and criticism against Islamic extremism. Even Vancouver’s mayor attempted to stop Graham from being a part of their Christian festival.

Graham has blamed liberalism as the primary reason for the diminishing figures of church membership. He pointed out he will support any individual, whether they are an independent, republican, or democrat, as long as they favor the Christian faith. Even though Barack Obama didn’t take any measures against the churches, he didn’t receive any support from Graham.


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