Franklin Graham Fires Back at Lady Gaga

Franklin Graham Fires Back at Lady Gaga

Franklin Graham Fires Back at Lady Gaga
Matt Johnson from Omaha, Nebraska, United States [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Franklin Graham said the singer is misguided.

Evangelist Franklin Graham has snapped back at Lady Gaga[/tweetit] who termed Mike Pence, the Vice President of the United States, to be the worst representation of a Christian. The singer, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, sharply criticized the V.P. and his wife Karen Pence when news broke about the latter's appointment as a teacher in a private Christian school. Lady Gaga spoke her mind during one of her concerts in Las Vegas.

Franklin Graham Fires Back at Lady Gaga[/tweetthis]

The singer predictably received a strong backlash from Trump supporters and conservative minded individuals including Franklin Graham. The famed evangelical pastor took to social media to record and convey his displeasure. He wrote Gaga's real name and said although she can be an extremely talented actress and singer, her comments concerning Vice President Pence and his wife are not only unfortunate but misguided too. The text was a long one, with Graham continuing his rant against the singer. He opined that as Christians, when one follows Christ, then that person follows God’s word. Being gay is a sin as per the Bible, and if one does it, there will be a cost to pay. The pastor said that God, not man, sets rules and the Almighty is the one who defined sin and offered a remedy for all sins via repentance and having faith in Jesus Christ, his Son. The Lord has love and mercy for all.

Pastor Graham then said he knows both Vice President Pence and his wife, and he has found nothing lacking in how they conduct their personal lives or how they exhibit their faith. The pastor went on to claim the Pence’s can be regarded as the best of Christians and even said the United States is lucky to have the two living in their midst.

Graham’s long monologue was the result of a scathing criticism by Lady Gaga who questioned V.P. Pence as to whether it’s acceptable that his wife will work in an educational institution which bans LGBTQ students and personnel. The singer said she is a Christian and what she knows and comprehends about the Christian religion is the absence of prejudice and welcoming everyone with love and kindness. She then concluded her statement by saying that if Pence wants to see disgrace, he only needs to turn to a mirror.