Dalai Lama Slams Trump and Jests of a Pretty Female Dalai Lama successor

Dalai Lama Slams Trump and Jests of a Pretty Female Dalai Lama Successor

Dalai Lama Slams Trump and Jests of a Pretty Female Dalai Lama successor/
The Dalai Lama jokes of an attractive female Dalai Lama to succeed him in an interview with the BBC
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The Dalai Lama stirs up controversy commenting Trump’s “Lack of moral principle”

During a recent interview with the BBC, the Dalai Lama called out the President of the United States of America, as someone with a “lack of moral principle.”[/tweetit] The 83-year old Tibetan Buddhist leader said the issue is with President Donald Trump is his emotions are, they’re “a little bit too complicated.”

Dalai Lama Slams Trump and Jests of a Pretty Female Dalai Lama Successor[/tweetthis]

BBC‘s South Asian correspondent, Rajini Vaidyanathan interviewed the Dalai Lama. When asked about what the Dalai Lama thinks of President Trump in office, he responded by saying that President says something one day and then the next day he says something else. However, he thinks theres a “lack of moral principle.” The Dalai Lama said that when Trump became President, he said,”America first.” The Dalai Lama believes that this is the wrong attitude as he thinks that America must take global responsibility.

The Dalai Lama has made statements in the past which have confirmed his stance on migrants. When asked about it again, the Dalai Lama maintained his position by saying that migrants must eventually return to their home countries. He went on to say that Europe should welcome as well as support refugees with the aim that they are ultimately able to return to their homeland. When asked if the refugees should be allowed to stay in Europe, the Dalai Lama responded by saying that a limited number is acceptable. However, what if Europe eventually becomes a Muslim or African country? He believes that it’s better for them to return to their own countries. He replied, Europe is for the ‘Europeans.’

The Dalai Lama has also said he is appreciative of the support from the Tibetan people have received from Vice President Mike Pence. He also appreciates the support that he has received from politicians on both sides.

Rajini Vaidyanathan then asked the Dalai Lama about a statement made in 2015 that a female Dalai Lama must be “very attractive. Otherwise, it’s not much use.” Vaidyanathan’s cite amused and brought out Dalai Lama’s goofiness. Feigning unattractiveness with a scrunched-up face and a self-amused laugh, “Oh, oh God. That people, I think prefer, not see that face.”


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