Dalai Lama Says ‘Europe is For Europeans’

Dalai Lama Says ‘Europe is For Europeans’

Dalai Lama Says 'Europe is For Europeans'
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Warns Europe could become ‘Muslim or African’

Dalai Lama has said that Europe might become “Muslim or African” if the refugees who have been taken in aren’t returned to their home countries.[/tweetit] The Buddhist spiritual leader said that only a “limited number” of migrants must be allowed to stay in Europe. He has been living in India as a refugee since fleeing Tibet in 1959.

Dalai Lama Says ‘Europe is For Europeans'[/tweetthis]

The 83-year old believes that Europe should offer education to refugees then send them back to their homelands. When asked about what should happen if migrants were to end up staying in their adopted countries, Dalai Lama responded by saying that a limited number of refugees is okay. However, it would be impossible if all of Europe became a Muslim country or an African country.

The Dalai Lama repeated his claims saying that ‘Europe is for Europeans,’ in response to his status as a refugee

This isn’t the first time that the Dalai Lama has made such comments. He made a speech in Malmo, Sweden in the previous year. In the speech, he said that refugees must help rebuild their own countries.

The Dalai Lama has said that Tibetans have taken shelter in India. However, he mentioned that most Tibetans would like to return to Tibet when the situation in Tibet has changed. He went on to say that each country has its own culture, way of life, and language, and it is better for people to live in their own country.

The Dalai Lama has expressed his admiration for the European Union as a method of avoiding global conflicts. He added that while he’s an outsider, it feels better to remain in the union.

Figures released by the EU in the previous year have revealed that 4.4 percent of the bloc’s 512 million people aren’t EU citizens.

The data has shown that 2.4 million migrants are from non-EU countries in 2017. It is estimated that there are 70 million refugees around the world.

The Dalai Lama was asked about President Donald Trump. He replied by saying that Trump’s time in the White House “lacked moral principal” and that his America first policy wasn’t right.


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