Convenient Confessions Are Now at Your Fingertips with App

Modern Catholics on the go are having a difficult time getting themselves to confession.

The app is hoping to make it easier. The new app for Catholics provides a convenient platform for the Sacrament of Penance & Reconciliation. The app, coming soon to iOS App stores has been founded by two San Francisco men, Daniel and Andrew, who are focused on bringing the Catholic Church into the digital age using By simply pressing a button, you will be connected to an ordained Catholic priest ready to hear your confession.

Convenient Confessions Are Now at Your Fingertips with App[/tweetthis]

This app is much different from The Catholic App, nicknamed ‘Sindr,’ which will also go live in early 2017. The 'Sindr' app idea was inspired by the Holy Father himself and it uses a technology from the Musemantik software firm to guide the faithful to the nearest Catholic Church from their current location and get the nearest holy mass, diocesan or confessional statistics.

Confession using is performed through a video in the Pick-a-Priest™ feature, allowing you to book a priest online or start an instant confession with any online priest. New Catholics who may not know the process of confession, can be guided through sacrament which makes it easier to remember what to say and when to say it.

A full list of features included in the app are:

Confess Instantly
At your convenience, you will be connected to a priest because they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Full Confidentiality
The and partner priests will never reveal anything they have learned from the confession because they are bound by the Seal of Confession.

Manual of Confession
The app has an interactive guide that will help you to recall your sins before confession and it will guide you through the sacrament as it happens.

Pick a Priest
There is a list of ordained priests and you are allowed to pick whom you will confess to.

Sin Tracker
As you commit your sins, you are able to log them in the app, rate and categorize them which make it easier for you to recount them later during confession.

Digifessional™ Screen
The app has an optional Digifessional™ screen which can overlay the video stream to help protect your privacy.
This app will bring confession to a new level because people will not have to go to church to make their confession.


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