Comedy About Sikhs

Comedy About Sikhs

Comedy About Sikhs
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Funny or Die‘s new video for Sikh children to be comfortable about their religious identity

Funny or Die, a digital comedy brand, has released their latest video titled “Diversity Day.” The video had already been watched by more than tens of thousands of people.

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Sikh children in America often feel unwanted or left out because they look a bit different than the rest. The intention of the video is for young Sikhs to watch and feel proud of their value’s racial equality, religious tolerance, gender equality, and their identity.

Funny or Die has run many public relations campaigns. These campaigns and their research have helped create the video. The video is meant to be relatable to Americans.

The video features two prominent Sikhs – Sandy Kaur (a.k.a Sandy Lion) and Babbu Beard from Jus Reign’s videos.

The video opens with a group of people being led by a speaker speaking about O.D.M.U.S.A.B.A.W (Our differences make us strong and beautiful and wonderful). The speaker then asks if anyone is willing to share their experiences about diversity in the workplace.

The speaker then asks Babbu Beard to share his experiences while being noticeably careful about butchering his name. Babbu Beard repeatedly declines while the speaker keeps pressing him to share. She then says that he must share.

Babbu Beard then says that his name is Harpreet. However, most people call him Happy. The speaker then stops him and says that as a white woman, it is her responsibility to recognize his name correctly. She then asks him what his family calls him, and Harpreet says his family calls him Happy. The speaker then apologizes while Happy says that she doesn’t have to apologize.

The speaker then assumes that most of Happy’s experiences with diversity revolve around his turban. She doesn’t want to offend Happy by calling it a turban, so she just motions to it. Happy clarifies that it’s okay to call it a turban.

The rest of the video educates the audience about Sikhs in a way which could be considered light humor. Sandy Kaur speaks out about why she doesn’t wear a turban and says that it doesn’t affect her faith in any way.

The video is a great and innovative way of educating people about what Sikh’s go through and their faith.


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