Beyond Labels & Exclusion: Multifaith Roundtable Explores Paths to Understanding

Who are you? What do you believe? Can we still work together, despite our differences? These are questions often asked of faith leaders and

Comedy About Sikhs

Comedy About Sikhs

Funny or Die's new video for Sikh children to be comfortable about their religious identity Funny or Die, a digital comedy brand, has released

Pope Francis’ Historic Trip to the UAE Working Toward Peace and Tolerance Between Islam and Christianity

Pope Francis’ Historic Trip to the UAE: Working Toward Peace and Tolerance Between Islam and Christianity

For the first time, Roman Catholic Church leader Pope Francis visits Arabian Peninsula It looks like comments by Pope Benedict XVI in 2006 about

Bodhi Elfman

My Ph.D. in Hate: Scientologist Bodhi Elfman STANDs Against Bigotry

Bodhi Elfman recounts his experience with intolerance and bigotry. I know a lot about hate. Unfortunately, I’ve had way too much experience with intolerance

EWTN’s New Documentary Series ‘Catholic Beginnings: Maryland’

Television documentary from EWTN that explores Catholic history in the United States. According to EWTN Global Catholic Network's new original series titled Catholic Beginnings:

The Sikh Holiday Commemorating the Martyrdom of Guru Arjan

Remembering Guru Arjan, who sowed the seed of martyrdom in the Sikh religion. On June 16 annually, members of the Sikh religion remember the

CAIR’s ‘Islamaphobin’ is the Cure to Chronic Islamophobia

Islamaphobin Gum: medicine for relief from chronic Islamophobia. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), America's biggest advocate organization for Muslim civil rights has decided

Dalai Lama Will Speak About World Peace In Indiana

Dalai Lama Will Speak About World Peace In Indiana

Dalai Lama will speak at Indiana State Fairgrounds on June 25. The Dalai Lama's last visit to Indianapolis was in 2010. He then spoke

Obama mosque

President Obama Delivers Urgent Message on Islamophobia at First Mosque Visit

Obama urges religious tolerance during speech on Islamophobia at Baltimore mosque. In the spirit of religious freedom and tolerance, President Barack Obama delivered a

Hillary Clinton’s Religious Beliefs

Hillary Clinton opens up about her religious beliefs and Christian faith in Iowa. Compared to most presidential candidates, Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton never used