CAIR’s ‘Islamaphobin’ is the Cure to Chronic Islamophobia

CAIR -Islamaphobin Gum campaign seeks to challenge Islamophobia through the use of humor.
CAIR –Islamaphobin Gum campaign seeks to challenge Islamophobia through the use of humor.
Islamaphobin Gum: medicine for relief from chronic Islamophobia.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), America's biggest advocate organization for Muslim civil rights has decided to be a little humorous. They have introduced “Islamophobin” a spoof medication to tackle the increasing incidences of anti-Muslim bigotry.

CAIR’s ‘Islamaphobin’ is the Cure to Chronic Islamophobia[/tweetthis]

CAIR has labeled the package (actually a sugar less chewing gum) as a medicine for relief from chronic Islamophobia. The package is of attractive design and the words “maximum strength formula” has been printed on to the packet. It says that the “medicine” is engineered for the successful treatment of “blind intolerance”, absurd fear of Muslims, illogical bigotry and scapegoating Muslims before American presidential elections.

The humor does not stop here. The Islamophobin packet also list its side effects. The list of such effects include the consumer losing bigotry and Islamophobia and there is a chance of being affected with a rational mind which will help you to see individuals for what they actually are. It also states that you should call the doctor if the Islamophobia worsens or if the disease of Islamophobia recurs.

The Islamophobin packet has a warning printed on it. The contents of this warning say that those people who believe in tolerance, mutual understanding and religious diversity must not take this product. It also says that the people who hold Muslims as stereotypes and follow Islamophobic conspiracy theories could find themselves wracked by guilt or remorse after taking this medication.

For CAIR, this cleverly branded chewing gum marks a satirical response as a part of their effort to push back against the rising incidence of Islamophobia. This intention was made clear in their press release. The organization also did a television commercial advertising this spoof product.

The advertising campaign, launched May 25 included this false television commercial which was way funnier than most sports centric commercials. Islamophobin is advertised as a cross between a treatment for erectile dysfunction and as a pain reliever. The satirical advertising campaign was actually inspired by a similar campaign launched by the Swedish Muslim community in Europe.

The Islamphobin campaign is clearly not all fun. The serious side is clearly printed as a slogan “Islamophobin is funny. Islamophobia is not”. According to Nihad Awad, the executive director of CAIR, members of the organization hope that the humorous spoof advertising will create the much needed public awareness concerning harm Islamophobia does. They pointed out that hatred towards a religion not only harms U.S. Muslims, but also destroys the values of religious freedom and equality on which the U.S.A. is based upon.


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