Christians Protest Black Mass with Prayer Services in Oklahoma

Christians Protest Black Mass with Prayer Services in Oklahoma

Christians Protest Black Mass with Prayer Services in Oklahoma
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Christians pray against Black Mass in Oklahoma City.

A black mass ritual that was held on Monday, August 15, which also happens to be the day the Catholic Church celebrates the Assumption of Mary, was responded to by the Christians with a prayer meeting in Oklahoma City. The Black mass was conducted by the Satanic Church of Ahriman. Unlike Satanic churches that use Satan only as a symbol of everything that opposes what they call as 'religious superstitions', this ritual was conducted by Satanists who see Satan as a supernatural entity to be worshiped.

Christians Protest Black Mass with Prayer Services in Oklahoma.[/tweetthis]

Calling this ritual an “offense against God”, protestors decided the best way to counter the black mass would be by holding public acts of 'atonement' and 'reparation'. Catholic churches offered a series of masses and even one on the lawns of the Civic Center, where the black mass was celebrated. The Catholic Church gave a call to the faithful to spend time in prayer and spiritual activities to make up for the blasphemies that the Satanists committed.

The Satanists also held a “consumption of Mary” ritual which involved the desecration of a statue of Mary with menstrual blood, sulfur and even the ashes of a burned Qur’an. Needless to say, the burning of the Qur’an at this time's ritual, indicated that the community aimed at mocking the Islamic faith too. A pig's heart was placed in the chest cavity of the statue, which the priestess conducting the ritual consumed after smashing the statue.

Paul Coakley, the Archbishop of Oklahoma, urged parishioners to participate in a prayer service and an 'ecumenical prayer walk' that was held that day. The Archbishop said that in times like this, the only way that evil could be battled against was if the faithful would come together in prayer and devotion, imploring God to watch over His community and protect it from the destructive and violent attacks that arise from Satanic manifestations in the human world.

The governing body of Oklahoma City has been heavily criticized for allowing Satanists to conduct their services, which have been regularly held for quite a few years now. The authorities, however, defended themselves saying that they cannot interfere in such issues and cannot stop a community from conducting its meetings in a public building just because another community finds the message 'abhorring'.

The black mass was held despite all opposition, although attendance was very low. A spokesperson for the Satanic Church of Ahriman said low attendance could be attributed to fear by fellow Satanists. The Christian religious gathering, which was made up of Catholic, Protestant and other Christians, saw a much bigger turnout than the attendance at the black mass.


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