Trump and Cruz

Trump and Cruz Bash It Out on GOP Debate, Appeal to Faith Voters

Trump and Cruz
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Cruz Found Himself in Trump’s crosshairs at GOP debate

Republican presidential candidates debated about economic policy on Thursday. The highlight of the Fox Business News’ debate was the showdown between real estate mogul Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz.

Trump and Cruz Bash It Out on GOP Debate, Appeal to Faith Voters[/tweetthis]

Circling each other cordially for months, anti-establishment rivals Mr. Trump and Sen. Cruz finally took their gloves off. Mr. Trump questioned Canadian-born Sen. Cruz’s eligibility to be president and Sen. Cruz accused Mr. Trump of having “New York values” of money, media and liberal policies.

All the candidates took strong stands on faith in hopes for a boost from devoted viewers less than three week before the Iowa caucuses. Virtually tied with Mr. Trump in Iowa, Sen. Cruz gave his most aggressive performance so far as he tried to protect the support he has built among social conservatives and evangelical Christians.

Sen. Cruz is not only working the ground game hard with pastors and Christian home-schoolers in Iowa; he’s even pushing for faith voters in New Hampshire, Religion News Service reports. Mr. Trump is leading the polls in New Hampshire. He has also become known for waiving the Bible frequently during his mega-rallies.

The Manhattan billionaire is scheduled to speak at Christian Liberty University in Virginia on Monday.

In the aftermath of President Obama’s State of the Union speech, the GOP presidential-hopefuls painted a picture of America that is in economic decline and has become weak internationally. The candidates also took turns in attacking Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, who recently has lost ground to Sen. Bernie Sanders in the polls.


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