Tennessee County Doesn’t Want Same-Sex Marriages Cuz it Fears ‘Anger’ and ‘Wrath’ of God

Brent Moore is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Brent Moore is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Tennessee’s Blount County apologizes to God for same-sex marriage.

In a recent incident in Blount County, Tennessee, the county Commissioner Karen Miller worked on a resolution that would ask God to spare Blount County and smite some other county instead, firing sparks among many. It wants to make it clear that the decision, though applicable to all the states in the United States, is not something Blount County agrees with or supports. According to the officials of Blount County, the Supreme Court ruling is bound to wreak the anger and wrath of God who might attack the nation as He did to Sodom and Gomorrah and its neighboring cities. In case this ever happened, the officials of Blount County want to pass this resolution that will ask God to save them, just as the “Passover Lamb was a means to salvation to the ancient Children of Israel.” The said resolution will be spoken about during tonight’s meeting.

It is not only the LGBTQ community and the Tennessee Equality Project activists who are shocked by this resolution, but also Christian educators. According to Ginny West Case, who is a retired Christian educator, the God she knows is not like the God in the commissioner’s resolution. She sees God as love, mercy, and grace and is tired of judgmental people using God as an excuse to push their agendas. She thinks it is highly likely that God’s wrath falls on people who are condemning and judgmental instead.

For people who are in a same-sex marriage or are part of LGBTQ groups, the shock is manifold as it has only been a matter of months until the county was able to find a way to nullify the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage. They feel that they do not deserve this hate and intolerance, as they are responsible and honest tax-paying citizens who work for the best interest of their country. It also sends a wrong signal to the youth of the county who are given the message that they should be ashamed of their sexuality and that staying inside the closet is the best thing to do.

Activist groups will be protesting outside the meeting with about 100 protesters expected. They hope that better judgment will prevail and the resolution will not be passed.

Blount County says the same-sex marriage ruling is bound to wreak the anger and wrath of God.[/tweetthis]


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