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Ron Reagan on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ says Jews, Muslims and Christians hate women and genitals.

Liberal commentator and outspoken atheist Ron Reagan, son of former President Ronald Reagan, was recently on the panel of Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher broadcasted on HBO. Bill Maher, Reagan and English comedian John Cleese were discussing the U.S. visit of Pope Francis and the role of women in the Catholic Church. Host Maher criticized Pope Francis for not extending enough power to the women in the church. They spoke about Francis’ communication with the nuns at St. Patrick telling them he cannot do much about putting them on the same footing as that of the men. They discussed if this was a stand that the Pope himself took or was in someway not equipped to make a change of this giant scale given the (religious) organization he headed. They, however, agreed that Francis has successfully changed the overall tone with his different approach toward people and their real life problems.

“Monotheists are Terrified of Women”

As the talk went on, Ron Reagan made the comment "All of those monotheisms, they're terrified of women. Whether it's Judaism, Islam, Christianity, they hate women, they hate genitals." He named Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as the three monotheistic religions which specifically show tendencies to hate women and refrain from doing anything to fight for women’s rights. He spoke about their closed attitudes about the matter and how they are supposed to know more about the issue but were better off not knowing anything about them.

Ron Reagan’s Zinger: Monotheists Actually Hate Women And Sex[/tweetthis]

Cleese chimed in by adding how early Christians reacted to sex as a concept. They saw it as something very bad and should not be done unless and until one is married and should be practiced purely for the purpose of reproduction. This shows something natural in a very bad light and that is not a good thing. To this, Reagan took the example of the Sodom and Gomorrah story, “Unless, on the other hand, angels come to visit your home, and then the townspeople arrive and they want to rape the angels, you offer your daughters instead.”

The talk focused on what the participants thought were missing parts in these monotheistic religions that restricted more liberal and open thoughts; and as a result the liberation of women in the past and in the present, where women continue to be abused and treated unequally irrespective of their strength.


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