Pastor Who Married Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Has New Reality Show

Source: screenshot
Source: screenshot
Rev. Rich Wilkerson Jr., Pastor close to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, lands new reality TV show.

As per People magazine, Rev. Rich Wilkerson Jr. cannot be viewed as a typical pastor. Wilkerson himself believes that people are not interested in him preaching religion or what they can and cannot do. However, he adds that people are greatly interested in developing a connection with God.

Rev. Rich Wilkerson, along with his wife, will get a chance to throw light on their “unique” take on faith and religion in a forthcoming television show called Rich in Faith (Oxygen Media).

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were married by the hip, young pastor last year. He has now turned it into a full-blown career, wedding the most popular celebrities in the United States. The brand of religion followed by Wilkerson is founded on what is acceptable in the present day. He sports a trendy undercut hairstyle and a hipster wardrobe while his sermons are based on popular songs by Beyoncé and Drake.

Wilkerson shares a good friendship with Kanye West. He was reported saying that they talk every week about a variety of things, including Jesus, architecture, music and clothes. There are some critics who have raised questions about the unlikely bond between Wilkerson and West, but the pastor continues to call the rapper his friend. He says that God does not talk about any scandals, instead he focuses on people. Kanye also designed the cover of Wilkerson’s new book recently.

The general opinion is that religious television shows are quite terrible. However, irrespective of what everyone (including Wilkerson) thinks or believes, even with best intentions at heart, reality television is hardly the vehicle to glorify God (other offerings of Oxygen include Fix My Choir and Preachers of L.A.. What actually happens is that the people featured in these reality religious shows get glorified instead.

Kim & Kanye’s Pastor, Rev. Rich Wilkerson Jr., Lands New Reality TV Show[/tweetthis]A young group of adults called ‘The Rendezvous’ is led by Wilkerson at the Miami Gardens (belonging to his father), along with DawnCheré, his wife.  Sandcastle Kings, a book by Wilkerson comprises four powerful tales explaining why spirituality is not possible to find within, in material items, in people or religion. It also includes a passage, which discusses Jesus and faith. It even explains how factors such as religion and the world can come in the way of one’s faith.

Wilkerson thinks that in this day and age, it is always difficult to talk about Jesus; however there are also a lot of people walking out because of the lack of discipline and commitment. Further, he also mentions how lack of proper education and family life impacts millennial and the way they understand faith. He says that several supporting statistics and facts surround the US population, especially in Miami (his home) where nearly 70 percent of the children have been brought up in single-parent homes.


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