Jesus a myth?

Is Jesus Real or Just A Myth? Church of England Poll Found Surprising Results

Jesus a myth?

Many believe Jesus is “not a real person.”

The existence of Jesus has received mixed answers according to the recent Anglican Church of England surveys. The polling results showed that the majority of people surveyed believed Jesus was “not a real person.” The survey was comprised of more than 4,000 respondents where 57% identified themselves as Christians. Less than 10% of Christians read the Bible, prayed on a regular basis or went to church at least once a month.

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Further survey results showed that 43% of the respondents do believe in the resurrection of Jesus but they, however, doubt the way resurrection is brought forward by the holy bible. According to the Church of England polls, every four people out of ten did not believe that Jesus was a real person. On the other hand, 25% of the respondents of between 18-34 years were of the opinion that Jesus was believed to be a mythical or fictional character.

The other percentage of respondents represented atheists with 12%, agnostics 9%, Muslims with 3% and 2% was represented by both Jews and Hindus. The survey was carried out by both the Evangelical Alliance in UK and Church Hope (it represented all the other churches of different denominations). It was part of the wider research projects that focused on both Christian’s believers and the whole population.

According to the survey, most scholars held that Jesus was a real man, and he lived in Galilee about two millenniums ago. However, they said that Jesus’ life and his deeds are not clearly elaborated.

In the recent poll results, the author of the reports bring out the moral aspect of the survey by saying, “So we need to talk about [Jesus]: to more people, more often, and more relevantly.” More than 75% of the respondents agreed to consider themselves as real Christians and to them, they believed that it is very essential to converse about Jesus to the “non-Christians.”

According to a third report, many non-Christians said that they have never had a talk about Jesus. Also, bigger percentage reported that they have no idea what Christianity and evangelism are all about. General Synod of the Church of England is expected to shed more light on the survey this month.


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