Kirill Romania

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Visit Romania for the First Time in 55 Years

This is the first visit to Romania by the Russian Orthodox Church after collapse of communism. Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church recently

Should Ukrainian Priests Preach in Crimea and What For? UGCC and UOC differ in views

Priests are leaving Crimea, and not many feel like filling their place. Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church's Head Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) in his Feast of the

Russia Continues to Destory Religious Freedom

Stunning Destruction of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Religious Rights in Russia

Denomination appeals ban by Supreme Court The story of religious freedom, a core concept of human rights and internationally recognized in the Universal Declaration

Putin Supports Vatican-Russian Orthodox meeting

Putin Supports Recent Dialogue Between Vatican and Russian Orthodox Church

Both churches agreed on playing humanitarian roles Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed the meeting between Russian Orthodox Church and the Vatican[/tweetit]. The Russian President

State Constitutions

Did You Know There Is a Mention of God in Every State Constitution?

States having more mentions surprisingly are found to be least religious As per an analysis by Pew Research Center, God or the divine is

Sam Well Preacher

Over 4,000 Faith Leaders Want Trump to Keep Johnson Amendment

President Trump has signed the executive order to stymie the law About 4,000 faith leaders from different religions have given their signatures to a

Clergy march in Charlottesville, Virginia

Clergy march in protest through Charlottesville and confront white supremacists

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Report Says Atheists Are More “Morally Depraved” than the Religious

The attitude is due to ingrained religious belief. An international study conducted by Nature Human Behavior, a journal, revealed that atheists are suspected in

Trump Axing Law in Move to Allow Churches to Support Political Candidates

The present US administration wants to defang the Johnson Amendment. Hiding behind the din of Obamacare repeal, The U.S. House Appropriations Committee voted during

No Religion, Tops Religious Affiliation Poll in Australia

Islam, Hinduism increasing; number of religious nones higher than Catholics Australia is quickly turning less and less Christian and more Atheist each year.[/tweetit] The