Dolphin Tale 2 Movie Still

Dolphin Tale 2’s Strong Opening Due to Christian Values

 Dolphin Tale 2 Movie Still

Dolphin Tale 2 sees box office success in part because of the film’s family values and Christian marketing.

The wildly popular Dolphin Tale film’s sequel, Dolphin Tale 2, has experienced a very strong opening in theaters across the nation. This sequel came as a huge surprise for people in the film industry, who see the saccharine and nuanced story as an unlikely success due to its religious undertones. This has made many people reexamine their view on faith-based films in the industry with a low budget.

Religious Themes and Values

There have been many people saying that there are definite Christian overtones throughout Dolphin Tale 2, but they are light enough that everyone can enjoy the film regardless of affiliation. One of the ways that most people see a Christian influence in the film is the subtle implementation of similar good values that families across the nation try to instill in their children. Films like Dolphin Tale 2 teach small lessons about the complications and setbacks that can occur in life and how you can overcome them which many families appreciate and consider commendable.

The stars of the film are appreciative of the wholesome values too. Nathan Gamble and Cozi Zuehlsdorff applauded Hollywood for committing to religious and even non-religious family-friendly films. Zuehlsdorff celebrated, “There are many opportunities that the Lord gives us to be able to put those messages out there in the world. It’s amazing!”

It also features a cameo from Bethany Hamilton of Soul Surfer fame, who was quick to share her religious beliefs in an interview about her inspirations and involvement with Dolphin Tale 2.

A result of the feel good attitudes expressed in the film is a familiarity and resonance with Christian audiences. Gary Schneeberger of Grace Hill Media made sure that the “largest, most influential Christian press in the country” attended the film’s media weekend at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. He told the Tampa Bay Times, “There are so many people across the faith spectrum who want to know about this film. Fifteen outlets. That’s more than we get on your, quote-unquote, faith-specific film.”

Dolphin Tale 2 Graphic

The faith-based marketing campaign certainly paid off since Dolphin Tale 2 came in 2nd in its opening weekend box office with nearly $16 million.

Dolphin Tale 2 Makes A Splash

Building off of the premise of the first film, Dolphin Tale 2 follows the individuals who work at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and their families. Specifically, the stories are scripted recreations of the happenings at the aquarium, focusing on the lives of rescued dolphin, Winter, and the baby, Hope. The individuals at the aquarium have worked tirelessly to rehabilitate dolphins that are injured so that they can be reintroduced into the wild when the time comes. In addition to Gamble, Zuehlsdorff, and Hamilton mentioned above, the film also stars Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd, Kris Kristofferson, and Morgan Freeman, Overall, the film does its best to be inspiring while espousing good morals. If you want to see a feel good film with family values as the school year begins, you should check out Dolphin Tale 2. For movie times near you, click here.


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