“Come on Back, Bill” Colbert Attempts to Bring Maher Back to Catholicism

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Colbert and Maher Debate Religion on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Stephen Colbert, the host of Late Show defended the Christian faith when he interviewed Bill Maher, a confirmed atheist on television. Incidentally, Colbert admits to being a practicing Catholic and Maher's strong atheism even offends non-believers. The interview happened a few days following the Paris attacks, perpetrated by religious extremists. Faith was the main sparring point between the two men.

“Come on Back, Bill” Colbert Attempts to Bring Maher Back to Catholicism[/tweetthis]

The battleground saw both men in excellent form. Colbert was seen to laugh when Maher purposely insulted his Christian faith. Maher put forward his usual snide “religious individuals are idiots” argument when countering an attempt by Stephen to ask him to come back to the Catholic church.

Colbert started the interview asking Maher, known for his discussions about religion and politics among other sensitive things on the Real Time HBO show, “Bill, they say that at a dinner party you should never talk about sex, politics or religion. Have you ever been invited to a dinner party?”

Maher laughed, along with the audience, and replied that Colbert will not ever invite him to his dinner party as the two were opposites. It is worth noting that both of them were raised as Catholics.

Colbert, knowing this fact, asked Maher to leave atheism and rejoin the Catholic faith. He said that for Maher, the “door is always open.” All he’d have to do is to be humble before God and admit there are things greater than human understanding. He did not forget to add that salvation awaits Maher and reminded the latter about Pascal's wager about being either an idiot or going to hell.

Maher admitted that there are things in this universe beyond his understanding, but also said that his response is to not to create “silly stories” and that he disbelieves in “intellectually embarrassing myths from the Bronze Age.”

Maher went further to suggest that people who authored the Bible were individuals with zero knowledge of what an atom or germ was, or where the sun disappeared at night. He added that religious people get their knowledge from those such individuals.

Colbert was seen to thoroughly enjoy the discussion and said that he liked such debates since his religion taught him the humility to face these kinds of attacks.


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