Catholic Holiday to Celebrate Blessing of Throats and Saint Blaise

Catholic Holiday to Celebrate Blessing of Throats and Saint Blaise

Catholic Holiday to Celebrate Blessing of Throats and Saint Blaise
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Commenorates Saint Blaise Saving a Child From Choking

According to historical records Saint Blaise was of noble birth. He was born in Armenia and put through education based on Christianity. His education enabled him to be a healer. He then dedicated his life to serving Christian duties. He was then made the bishop of his native city. Although Christianity had been adopted in Armenia, the Roman emperor began persecuting Christians. This led to the eventual discovery and arrest of Saint Blaise. It was during his imprisonment that he miraculously cured a child of fatally choking.

Christian Holiday to Celebrate Blessing of Throats and Saint Blaise[/tweetthis]

His dedication to peoples and animals well-being gave him the mnemonic Healer of men and animals. It is believed animals, of their own accord, would seek him out for help. This recollection also states that the animals never interfered with his prayers. The Bishop lived in a cave on Mount Argeus, and it is where he was arrested. During Saint Blaise’s trial, he was asked numerously to recant his faith. He did not, and this meant his trial was longer.

During this period, the saint kept on tending to the injured and sick prisoners. One day a mother visited Saint Blaise in prison. She had her son who, while eating, has swallowed a fishbone. The bone was stuck in the child’s throat causing great pain and breathing difficulties. Saint Blaise prayed for the boy, and he was healed. This only made the emperor angrier, and he had him tortured. Saint Blaise refused to denounce his faith, and he was beat using a stick. They later beheaded him for his faith.

On the 3rd of February, the Catholic Church celebrates Saint Blaise. The church also celebrates the healing of the boy as the blessing of throats on Blaise’s feast day. The Roman Catholics depict Saint Blaise as holding two crossed candles in his hand. Some depicting’s also have him in a cave with animals.


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