My Hope America Billy Graham

Billy Graham Hopes to Revive His Image and Attract Young Americans With New TV Special, “The Cross”

My Hope America Billy Graham

Once prominent Billy Graham will return to the spotlight on November 7 during a special TV event called “The Cross.” It’s a culminating message of his My Hope America campaign.

For years, Billy Graham has been regarded as one of the frontrunners of the Christian evangelist community in America. With such high credentials, a mass following is just another natural expectation. The problem is, this is not the case.

A majority of the younger generation in America nowadays have declined to have any preference for Billy Graham. The stark contrast from the popular belief has been further supported by confessions from many evangelist leaders, who are considered to be one of the most prominent ones in their field, that their grip on followers has not been as perfect lately as it used to be.

One of the major reasons for this decline could be lesser public appearances by Billy Graham due to his age. Once considered as one of the most dynamic leaders, “America’s Pastor” Billy Graham has not been seen in public preaching since 2006.

Sensing the need and appropriate chance to deliver his thoughts on the ardent need of spiritual awakening in America, Billy Graham is scheduled to deliver an exclusive speech on his 95th birthday, November 7. This may be a major event in the final years of his public life. A statement from Graham on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website states, “I’ve recently prepared what may well be my last message to our nation. I have prayed a great deal about this.”

A teacher from the outskirts of Charlotte, NC confirms that a majority of her students don’t know the influence or movement led by Billy Graham, and therefore are unaware of a very significant phase of America’s evangelist movement. Hence, a speech by Billy Graham has been praised as an effort to rejuvenate the evangelist movement in America.

Franklin Graham, a son of Billy Graham, is carrying out the idea and execution for this. He has been regularly accused of forcing political moves under the of name of his father. Nonetheless he has been actively heading the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and does not seem to be budged by the accusations. He assured that every measure is being taken to make it as easy as possible for his father to convey his most coveted message from their native home at Montreat, North Carolina.

A 2005 poll discovered that 45 percent of young Americans did not know who Billy Graham is. An even more recent study from the Pew Research Center claims over 30% of Americans under 30 do not consider themselves religious.

In his active socio-political career of almost seven decades, Billy Graham has never missed a chance to spread his influence as well as connections to some of the most powerful personalities of America, even Presidents. The masses were mesmerized by his vivid speeches and popular gestures. Graham is one of few remarkable persons who has been able to speak to some of the largest gatherings of people in the history of America.

The show, “The Cross,” will be aired on Fox News at 10 p.m. ET, among other channels.


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