6 Big-Time Clergy Are Praying at Trump’s Inauguration

Franklin Graham, Timothy Dolan, Paula White are among those will pray at Trump’s inauguration ceremony.

President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony is going to be blessed by the presence of a group of religious leaders much bigger in number than any time before in American history. Sources have revealed the list of religious leaders who will be blessing the new president of the U.S.A., and it includes pastors and priests from a diverse range of religions and sects.

6 Big-Time Clergy Are Praying at Trump’s Inauguration[/tweetthis]

The list is made up of Reverend Franklin Graham, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Pastor Paula White, Rabbi Marin Hier, and Reverend Samuel Rodriguez. The list is no doubt a reflection of the Trump’s victory that was achieved through his focus on tapping on to the Americans’ religious sentiments. The choice of clergy has also been seen by many as a political move, especially because it includes both leaders who supported him, as well as those who opposed him.

Franklin Graham stood by Trump throughout his presidential campaign, defending him against every allegation and controversy that popped up. In fact, when several Evangelists pulled their support for Trump after a video surfaced which showed him talking in obscene terms about women, Graham rallied behind him, sayign he believes a person’s past does not dictate their actions in the present.

Paula White has had a long relationship with Trump. Her teachings about the ‘Prosperity Gospel,’ a set of teachings that faithfulness to God not only ensures life after death, but also material wealth on earth, seems like something Trump would be glad to follow. Her teachings have also made her a controversial figure in Christianity because the Gospel exalts a simple life and is opposed to richness and luxury, but prosperity gospel preachers often ask for large donations.

His selections of Cardinal Dolan, Pastor Rodriguez and Rabbi Hier have come as a surprise to some. Dolan and Rodriguez have openly spoken against some of Trump’s policies, especially his view on immigration. The Cardinal is known to be close to the Pope, who himself was not very happy with Trump’s views. Hier’s selection is surprising for two reasons, one, because no Rabbi had been part of the presidential inauguration since the time of Ronald Reagan. Second, the majority of Jews voted for Clinton because of the rise of anti-Semitism under Trump.

The ceremony, which will be held on January 20, will also include a performance by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Rockettes.


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