Catholic Songwriter Composes A Song for Pride Month

Catholic Songwriter Composes A Song for Pride Month

Catholic Songwriter Composes A Song for Pride Month

Song is titled “You’ve Made Me Wonderful”

Most Catholics know David Haas, 61, for his famous hymns Blessed are They, Servant Song and You are Mine. America Magazine which is run by Jesuits has dubbed Haas as “one of the most prolific and significant liturgical composers of the post-Vatican II English-speaking church.”

To honor the inherent dignity of the LGBTQ community the renowned American Catholic composer and concert musician has composed a chant.[/tweetit]

Catholic Songwriter Composes A Song for Pride Month[/tweetthis]

On Monday, June 3rd, Haas revealed on social media that he had written a refrain to celebrate “Pride Month.” Furthermore, the post he revealed the news with included a picture with rainbow colors with the word “pride” written across in bold white letters.

Haas said he had written the refrain on Sunday as a gift to all of his friends in the LGBTQ community who will be involved in Pride activities this month as well as for the Catholic and Protestant clergy who perform their ministerial duties to them.

The refrain is titled, You’ve Made Me Wonderful and is based on Psalm 139:13-14. Haas has elaborated by saying that the Bible verses speak of a God who knows us better than we know ourselves and loves and accepts all of us.

Haas has said that he hopes that the song highlights how deeply God loves every human being and how we are called to love.

Some people have criticized Haas’s work such as Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, author of several books on the liturgy, who called Haa’s text “scurrilous and blasphemous.” Dr. Kwasniewski has expressed his desire for Catholics to cease using Haas’s music because of Haas’s public support of the LGBT agenda.

Bishop Thomas Tobin has expressed his distaste about LGBTQ ‘Pride Month’ events. Tobin said that Pride events promote encourage activities which are contrary to Catholic faith and morals.

The views on these topics are often conflicting with many arguments. Haas has said that there’s a disconnect between church leadership and folks in the pews about many things. While there may be many views on the topic, Haas’s message is one of love and acceptance.


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