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The Catholic App, Nicknamed ‘Sindr,’ Helps You Get to Confession

The Catholic App
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The Catholic App is a Holy Mass and confession finder.

For Catholics who want to be free of their sins, Archbishop Leo Cushley of Edinburgh, Scotland, may just have the solution: a new app which allows users to search for nearest Holy Mass and confessional locations. The app uses technology made by Musemantik, a Scottish software firm. The code will guide the Catholic faithful from their present location to the Catholic Church nearest to them.

The Catholic App, Nicknamed ‘Sindr,’ Helps You Get to Confession[/tweetthis]

The new app is named “The Catholic App.” A popular nickname emerging, however, is “Sindr”, after Tinder, the popular dating app. It will match the users with the nearest confession and mass services. The technology was developed by Musemantik with cooperation from Archdiocese of St. Andrews and Edinburgh. Dr. Macej Zurawski is the founder of the app, and his impetus in creating such an app is the fact that information can be easily accessed in this manner.

For the diocese, The Catholic App provides a number of benefits. It will increase Mass attendance, by enabling a greater number of Catholics to locate and attend confession and Holy Mass. The technology also attracts younger Catholics to be engaged with the diocese. This demographic uses the maximum number of tablets and smartphones. It enables the direct communication of news to all users independent of social media or on emails. The app directs tourists and visitors to the diocese for their Confession and Holy Mass. It also saves the diocese the expense related to printing costs.

The Catholic App will offer weekly passages taken from the bible and users can read the latest diocese news. There app will be fun and accessible to use. Dr. Zurawski, for his part, is aware of the “Sindr nickname of the app.” He said that although people believe that Sindr can be a catchy name, it is not used as the app does not concern with sinning but with being healthy and spiritual. It follows that The Catholic App is a better name for this app. The Scottish Catholic Church said that this app was a thanks to Pope Francis during the Jubilee Year of Mercy of the Catholic Church.  Archbishop Cushley launched this app in Rome's St. Peter's Basilica. He termed it as a smart component of technology which could impact the way Catholic churches brings God's mercy and the joy of the Gospel to the modern world. 


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