World Religion Day Celebration January 20, 2019

Baha’is Celebrate World Religion Day on January 20, 2019

World Religion Day Celebration January 20, 2019

Celebrating the oneness of religion

The World Religion Day, started traditionally by the Baha’i Faith, happens annually on the third Sunday of January.[/tweetit] As an inspired interfaith idea, the day is meant to celebrate the oneness of religion as a principle of the Baha’i Faith and also a progressive revelation that describes religion as a developing aspect throughout the history of humankind.

Baha’is Celebrate World Religion Day on January 20, 2019[/tweetthis]

But the observance has come to change from an event that was created and observed by the Baha’is of the United States to a day that is observed internationally. The main objective of the day is to highlight the philosophies that the spiritual concepts underlying religions of the world are in unity, and that religions play a vital role in unifying humanity.

What initially began as a celebration of the need for and the coming of a world religion for humankind, meaning the Baha’i Faith itself, it has since evolved to a state where different congregations make their proclamations about the observance all over the world.

World Religion Day events are still sponsored by local members of the Baha’i Faith worldwide. They are a contingent of the main group. Presently, an increasing aspect of World Religion Day events are being organized independently. Interfaith and multi-faith coalitions are gradually adopting the organization of the World Religion Day while making different declarations.

Furthermore, local and national governments are showing that World Religion Day is of positive social value therefore allowing and supporting it.


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