Just Over Half of Americans Still Think Religion Will Solve Your Problems

The belief in religion's ability to solve problems has declined but is now stable, hovering just above 50%. The results gleaned from Gallup’s poll

Religion in Europe vs. the U.S.: The Relationship between Education and Religiousness

Religion in modern society: how education level affects belief in religion. The 'secularization thesis' as propounded by sociologists suggests religion loses its stranglehold over

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The position of ambassador for religious freedom might just find the right fit Rumors have been floating around that Kansas Governor, Sam Brownback, could

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A look at the role of religion in affecting mental health. The mental health of an individual is affected by a multitude of genetic

Texas Adoption Bill Allows Discrimination Based on Religion, Sexual Orientation

In a move that could have serious implications, the state House has passed a bill that will make it harder for orphaned children to

Examining Trump’s Executive Order on Religious Exemptions

Trump signs an executive order granting exemptions for religious organizations. President Trump signed an executive order on Thursday that expands the freedom faith-based organizations

USCIRF Adds Russia to list of Worst Religious Freedom Violators in 2017 Report

Banning of Jehovah's Witnesses catapulted Russia to the list of shame. The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) declared in its yearly report

In America, the More Educated You are, the Less Religious You Are

Are you less religious if you're more educated? Pew has found the general notion of the highly educated being less religious is actually true[/tweetit]

Number of Baha’i Arrests in Yemen this Month are Alarming

Human Rights Organization has asked the Yemeni government to stop the persecution of Baha'i Faith. The people belonging to the Baha'i community have been

How Music Festivals and Religion are Intertwined

The connection between faith and music is undeniable, especially in the context of music festivals. "Music is a moral law. It gives soul to