Argentine Movement to Quit the Catholic Church

The Collective Apostasy event helps people to leave the Catholic Church.

The Argentine capital city of Buenos Aires witnessed hundreds of people signing on for the “Collective Apostasy” drive , an action designed to help Argentinians renounce all personal affiliation to the Catholic Church. People who wish to quit must complete a form which will be ultimately given to the Episcopal Conference.

The August 18 event is a consequence of a Senate rejection in the earlier days of August of a certain bill which, if passed, would have legalized abortion if it was done during the initial 14 weeks. The vote, many believe, was the result of the machinations done by the Catholic church.

There are multiple reasons behind people's anger towards the Catholic Church. The latter has consistently opposed reforms in Argentinian policy and social structures. It was against women's suffrage, transgender rights, death with dignity, marriage equality, divorce law, and comprehensive sex education. Ordinary Argentines have now recognized the Catholic Church for what it is: an immoral institution pushing immoral policies. This is the reason behind Collective Apostasy.

Argentinians formed lengthy lines in major cities, with organizers hoping that thousands of people would make their desire of separation of church and state in an official manner. They hope that the Catholic Church will comply with the demands made by these people and get their names erased from church registries. Maria Jose Albaya, one of many organizers, said that they continue to receive the apostasies of people who wish to renounce their links to Catholic institutions.

The Collective Apostasy movement is spearheaded by Argentine Coalition for a Secular State. Members of this movement wear orange scarves. The manifesto of the movement clearly states its objectives, like obtaining the vote for women, marriage equality, gender identity law, integral sexual education law, dignified death law, and assisted human fertilization law. In short, they want to end the domination of the Catholic Church over Argentinians' bodies and minds.

The actions of the Argentine Catholic Church have become so reprehensible that even fence sitters are swayed enough to act to get themselves away from the ecclesiastical fold. The consequences will be heavy for the Vatican as about two-thirds of the country's 43 million population describe themselves as Catholics. This will cease to be if the discontent continues to rise. The church has been plagued by sex abuse scandals, further tarnishing its already present shady reputation.


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