20 Gift Ideas for the Christian or Jew on Your List

Our religious gift guide for the 2016 holiday season.

One of the best parts of Hanukkah and Christmas is the tradition of gift-giving. While it is wonderful to receive those thoughtful gifts from your loved ones, it is even more fun to give your friends and family things that will bring them joy this season. World Religion News has put together a short list of religious gifts that not only gives tribute to the festive season, but also puts a smile on the one who receives it.

20 Gift Ideas for the Christian or Jew on Your List[/tweetthis]

Hannukah Bear

Written by Eric A. Kimmel and winner of the 2013 National Jewish Book Award, Hanukkah Bear is a great narrated children’s story for parents who would like to introduce their children to Hanukkah in a creative way.

Hanukkah Bear is the story of a bear who follows the wonderful smells of the best latkes in the village to the house of Bubba Brayna, a 97-year-old lady who has poor hearing and eyesight. The bear then arrives at Bubba Brayna’s door, and she mistakenly thinks that he is her rabbi. Because of the humorous mix-up, the pair light the menorah, play dreidel and enjoy latkes together. When Bubba Brayna discovers the bear’s real identity, she laughs heartily and they continue to make delicious latkes.


Two attractive mezuzah’s are featured in our guide: a bright blue one that comes with a scroll and another that is intricately adorned with a Jerusalem scene. The Metal Mezuzah with Kosher Scroll comes in a vibrant blue color and holds a scroll of up to 12 cm in size. The Jerusalem Mezuzah by Quest is a pewter mezuzah that showcases a Jerusalem scene in handpainted enamel. It does not include the scroll.

Funny T-shirts

For a humorous take on Jewish culture, get your loved one of these irreverently funny shirts from Unkoshermarket.com, with inscriptions such as “Matzah Ballin,” “Sababa,” “Kiss My Tuchis,” and “Shvitz It Out.” Sweatshirts in black, sleeveless shirts in white and a duffle bag are available.

For your kosher baby, the Garbella store at Etsy.com offers a cute gray onesie saying “M is for Matzo Ball” across the chest, available in sizes 3-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-18 months.

The New Kosher Cookbook

What is Hanukkah without all the delicious culinary traditions? What if these already tasty traditions were presented with a modern twist? A perfect gift for the kosher cook, “The New Kosher,” a 2015 release cookbook in hardcover redefines kosher cooking with exquisitely flavored healthy dishes that suit contemporary living. The cookbook features fast and easy recipes that can be made both for everyday and special occasions.

Animal menorahs

Indulge the animal-lover while celebrating Hanukkah with these hand-crafted, made-to-order animal menorahs from The Vanilla Studio on Etsy.com. The store features animal menorahs such as the Menorasaurus Rex, Dinosaur Candlesticks – T-rex, Lizard Mezuzah and Menorasaur: Apatosaurus Menorah.

Challah menorah

Catering to a food-lover? This challah menorah is a great gift! This whimsical bread menorah is baked to order and shipped a few hours after baking, and freezes wonderfully in the fridge.

Emoji menorah

For a religious gift for a youngster or a teen, this emoji hand-painted menorah will do the trick. Combining the traditions of Hanukkah while adding a youthful twist, this menorah will let you light up a new emotion every night, keeping you smiling with its vibrant emojis.

Kosher dog toy

Jewish dogs have to eat kosher too! This Kosher bone Jewish dog toy is the perfect squeaky plush toy in bone or bagel form that will keep your kosher dog happy!

Dreidel Leggings

Keep the season playful and bright with these Hanukkah dreidel leggings. A brightly colored dreidel pattern emerges from these black leggings, a fitting casual outfit to celebrate and party this Hanukkah.

Hannukah droidel

droidel? This Hanukkah droidel brings you the force as it combines the dreidel and the robot R2-D2 to make a Star Wars and Hanukkah-inspired present. Add this Star Wars Saucer Kippah/Yamurlke to the mix for an out of this world gift that will blow your family and friends’ mind out of the galaxy. Your Star Wars-enamored loved ones will be sure to appreciate this one.

Faith-inspired necklaces

Impress that woman or man of faith with these faith-inspired necklaces from the PSDPlanner store at Etsy.com. A variety of designs in gold and silver are available, with pendants inscripted with the words faith, hope and love, crosses, hearts and more.

Christian journal

A Christian woman or man’s spiritual journal can be a great companion to her or his walk with God. Give that woman or man of God in your life this black journal, made with faux leather and wrapped with a leather card that dangles a cross charm and an engraved dogtag medallion. The cover design reads: “Fight the good fight of faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called. I Timothy 6:12”


Looking for a gift for a modest and fashionable lady? Mode-sty is a beautifully confident fashion line for the “unapologetically modest.” Featuring clothing adorned with sleeves and fully lined skirts, Mode-sty helps keep women fabulous, while respecting their desire for modest clothing. Use code WORLDRELIGIONS for 15% off your order at Mode-sty. Offer expires 1/31/17.

Faith t-shirts

Fashion and faith don’t have to be at odds. VeiledFree features a new line of trendy t-shirts with minimalist design, including styles such as racerback, v-neck, off-the-shoulder and banded waist. The shirts are imprinted with messages that express one’s deep faith and inspire positive change. Some of the inspiring messages are “Love Deeply,” “Young-Saved Free,” “Free Will” and “Live Veiled Free.”

Jerusalem Nano Bible

Nominated by the Guinness Book of World Records for the smallest bible in the world, the Jerusalem Nano Bible is great gift for someone who loves the bible and has a fascination for unique technology. Amazingly, its 5mm x 5mm surface carries the entire New Testament, as verified by a panel of experts. With the purchase of the Jerusalem Nano Bible you will get a Certificate of Authenticity. For more on this product, read our feature.


At the intersection of faith and lifestyle is FAITHHAUS, the religious marketplace that allows you to shop and select from a variety of stylish spiritual merchandise that make wonderful gifts. The site was launched in July by Kristin Spear and offers faith-inspired items that are both stylish and meaningful. Some of the items that FAITHHAUS offers are handwoven, linen Challah bread covers and ceramic Shabbat candle holders, chrysanthemum wooden rosaries, modern ceremonial matcha tea and turquoise hamsa necklaces.

Alabaster Bible

The Alabaster Bible is the alternative bible for the “Instagram-obsessed.” Filled with beautiful imagery, the Alabaster bible uses high-quality photographs to communicate the stories and messages of the bible, and was designed by Brian Chung and Bryan Chung. This bible is a fitting gift for friends and family of the new generation, a generation that has a greater appreciation for virtual living and sensory stimulation.

Emoji Bible

Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves messaging and emojis? The Emoji bible is a great, fun present for the person who loves scripture and the language of emojis. Dubbed as the “scripture for millennials,” it contains bible verses that are sprinkled with expressive and lively emojis.

Pierced: The New Testament

Pierced is a modern-style bible written like a novel, written with the busy, on-the-go adolescent in mind. The traditional language of the bible is reformulated into a style that modern novelists adopt, stimulating the imagination and interest of teens who like getting their daily dose of scripture.


Although this is supposed to be a religious gift guide, we couldn’t help ourselves from including items from Freedom From Religion Foundation’s shop. From Winter Solstice cards, to books on evolution, to “This is what an Atheist looks like” t-shirts and “Imagine No Religion” tote bags, FFRF has the freethinker on your list covered.


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