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100 Examples of How Religion is Doing Good for the World

Homeboy Industries

The Huffington Post has published their examples of Religion Doing Good (#ReligionDoingGood), as sourced earlier this month.

Highlights include the Los Angeles-based Homeboy Industries , who train former gang members to be healthy and productive members of society. One service offered is training in the culinary industry and employment at their cafes. They also provide tattoo removal, legal, mental health, and educational services, as well as solar panel training and installation courses. The Founder and Executive Director is Father Greg Boyle, an American Jesuit Priest.

Laundry Love is a program that sponsors laundry cleaning services for the homeless throughout the country.

Sikh organization Khalsa Aid provides relief to disaster areas, most recently following the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

The Lutheran Malaria Initiative and Nothing But Nets is attempting to battle malaria in Africa by distributing bed nets to 2.4 million people.

The full list of 100 examples of #ReligionDoingGood can be read here on The Huffington Post.

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