Thousands Announcing They Will Leave Mormon Church Tomorrow

Thousands Announcing They Will Leave Mormon Church Tomorrow

Thousands Announcing They Will Leave Mormon Church Tomorrow

Many Mormons to leave faith after LDS Church attacks same-sex families.

Organizers are banding together a large scale protest against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City tomorrow. These includes formal resignations. The reason for such mass protests is last week’s decision of church elders' to accuse gay members of apostasy. The rally is scheduled to be held at City Creek Park. Assistance will be given to members in abandoning this church due to its anti-gay attitude. Resignation letters will be notarized by volunteer notaries and deposited into mailboxes of the building housing the LDS Church.

Today, the First Presidency issued a statement on its policy, but will it change the minds of those who have planned to attned the resignation?

Thousands Promising to Leave Mormon Church Over Anti-Gay Views[/tweetthis]

The mass resignation plans are well laid out and starts with a march around the Temple Square prior to depositing the letters in the mailbox. Each individual member should simply bring a personal letter addressed to the church. The letter should state the reason for such a resignation. Supporters of this action are also welcome at the venue. There will be four or five speakers for the testimonials for individuals who need them to write their letters. The organizers also highlighted the presence of an affiliated lawyer at the venue. The professional will ensure that resignations are processed sans the intervention of the ward leader.

The turn of events was precipitated by the decree of the LDS Church during the first week of November where the church has said that its members who are engaged in relationships of the same-sex are apostates. It also added that their children could not be baptized unless they literally distance and denounce their parents. Needless to say, such orders had devastating effects not only on the LGBTQ Mormons but also on their families. There has even been an increase in calls to suicide prevention groups.

Kate Kendell, Executive Director, National Center for Lesbian Rights, a prominent civil rights organization for LGBT matters, published a piece in a major newspaper on November 9, where she announced that she is exiting the Mormon Church. She accused the church of being cruel and stigmatizing the treatment of children. She blames it for pushing her to leave the church she loved in her childhood . Kendell termed the latest church moves as “draconian”.

Approximately 1,200 individuals have confirmed their attendance, however it is not known if every person will show up or if they will actually resign.


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