Source: Tell Mama

Source: Tell Mama

In the face of all the good and supportive things they hope to achieve, both MAMA and its founder Fiyaz Mughal have earned Islamist enemies.

MAMA is a charitable organization and a pressure group that tries to protect Muslims from assaults and helps them report these assaults and bring the matter into people’s attention. MAMA is an acronym for Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks and the organization’s workers collect information and reports to try and persuade the police to take action against sectarian violence and religious assaults.

Problems Facing the MAMA

MAMA came into existence as a result of years of religious assaults being faced by Muslims in the U.K. It extends its support to victims who have suffered attacks just for being a Muslim. It brings such matters to national attention and hopes to reduce the frequency of such attacks. It strives to ensure that attacking Muslims does not become a daily matter and accepted fact of British life.

In the face of all the good and supportive things they hope to achieve, both MAMA and its founder Fiyaz Mughal have earned enemies. Racist abuse is a regular occurrence, especially from the supporters of the English Defense League. It is becoming more difficult for Mughal and MAMA to create awareness about Islamophobia when others are fighting to assert, “there’s no such thing as Islamophobia.”

Astonishingly, the group that is giving MAMA the most difficult time is none other than the Islamist right. The manner in which they are attacking MAMA is also unique, the same way they shun others whose philosophies or thoughts they are not in agreement with. They just list them to the enemy, alien or the “other” group. They follow the simple rule of either you are with them or you are not, it does not matter if you belong to the same religion and fighting for the rights of followers of the same religion.

MAMA collaborated with the Jewish Community Security Trust in an effort to bring people together based on their shared experiences. Peter Tatchell, the victim of anti-gay hatred all his life, has also joined the board to fight against anti-Muslim hatred. MAMA receives pushback from Islamists due to their progressive views, but Mughal defends them, saying “if it is wrong to attack a Muslim for being a Muslim, then it is equally wrong to attack a gay man or a Jew for being a gay man or a Jew.”


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