Valuing All God's Children

Church of England Encourages Schools to Explore Gender Identity with Children

The 'Valuing All God's Children' document is 52 pages long Teachers are being advised by Church of England (CoE) to permit and also encourage

This Genuine Charity Fighting Islamophobia has Islamist Haters

In the face of all the good and supportive things they hope to achieve, both MAMA and its founder Fiyaz Mughal have earned Islamist

British Street Preacher Fined for ‘Threatening’ Bible Quotes

In an unforeseen move, gay rights activists and religious leaders are supporting the British street preacher's rights, even though they don't agree with his

Britain Divided by Prime Minister David Cameron’s “Christian” Country Comments

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has courted controversy with his recent comments when he declared that the United Kingdom was a “Christian Country.” David