Nepal Quake Bible Ustream

Speakers Recite Bible from Memory in 24-Hour Stream for Nepal [Video]

Nepal Quake Bible Ustream

Tom Meyer and Jason Nightingale of Wordsower International are streaming a 24-Hour recitation of the Bible from memory to raise money for Nepal.

A 24-hour stream has started to raise money for charity for Nepal after an earthquake ravaged the nation. Tom Meyer and Jason Nightingale will be reciting the Bible from memory on Meyer and Nightingale are giving their performance as a part of Wordsower International, a Christian missionary organization that has provided its services in Ghana, Haiti, India, Kenya, Liberia, and Nepal.

During the event, viewers will be able to donate to Wordsower International, and, according to Meyer, “100 percent of the funds go to Nepal.” The organization has done similar charity events before, but this is their first experience with a live stream performance. But a Bible reciting comes naturally to Meyer and Nightingale as Wordsower International identifies as a ministry of “oral interpretation” of Scripture. “We tell the Bible as the sermon from memory weekly as a full-time ministry,” said Meyer. In 2011, Meyer gave a similar performance when he quoted the book of Revelation for an audience at the Imperial Community Church. He routinely spreads the word of the Scripture with his gift in public speaking. “I like this, this idea of the orality of Scripture and not just taking out a verse and breaking it apart and talking about it, but letting the actual oracle of the Word of God do the speaking.”

The event will benefit the nation of Nepal after it suffered a 7.8 earthquake that has resulted in over 7,200 fatalities so far. According to the United Nations, Nepal will need $415 million in emergency funding, much of which will have to come from charitable donations like the ones being collected by Wordsower International.

The pair will be performing from Shasta Bible College in Redding, California, where anyone who would like to is welcome to enjoy the event in person.


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