Shaun Wright

Rotherham Police Investigate Sex Abuse Scandal

Shaun Wright
Shaun Wright, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Rotherham, England officials claim religious political correctness slowed their involvement in the sex abuse scandal. Police are investigating their claims.

One of the most shocking news reports of the year was recently released in the form of a report that showed the systematic abuse of 1,400 girls in Rotherham, England. Over the course of the last fifteen years, these girls were kidnapped and forced to perform depraved sex acts on men across the area. With more people coming forward with knowledge of these crimes every day, it would seem that there was a massive systematic failure of police, investigators, and social workers. This has led many people to ask what allowed for this tremendous scandal to occur.

The Downside of Political Correctness

One of the details that came to light as a result of the report coming out was that the crimes perpetrated against these young girls were mostly at the hands of Pakistani men. The fact that nothing was done to protect these girls and that police and social workers ignored several reports is said to be indicative of political correctness. Put simply, with the vast changes in social diversity in the nation many people are afraid of targeting Muslims, no matter how deeply they have been involved.

Communities Outraged by Scandal

The Pakistani community, as well as several top officials in Britain, has expressed absolute outrage at this concept, with a Rotherham Charity worker, Javed Khan saying “No one should ever be frightened to act decisively because of fear of being seen as racist or politically incorrect.”

The Muslim community at large has also condemned these horrific crimes brought to light in this scandal. In their view, they will have an even more difficult time being welcomed into the British culture, and may now experience renewed racism and Islamophobia.

Is Religion To Blame in Rotherham?

One of the most damning facts in the minds of many is that the perpetrators were from a predominantly Muslim population. While some have used this as a way to condemn the religion within their community, Muslims have said that the individuals who committed these acts are not true Muslims and are not a reflection of their culture.

In one truly terrible case, Adil Rashid was caught grooming a girl for a life of forced sexual work. He said that his religious education left him unable to be liable because he does not understand women and their role in western societies. He received a suspended sentence, seemingly alleviating him of any severe punishment. However, many people have said that using religion as a shield will not be an option in the current Rotherham scandal.

Taking Responsibility

The Labour Party in of Britain has requested that the police commissioner of Rotherham resign his post immediately for allowing such a widespread failure to prevent justice from being dealt in this scandal. He has refused to step down despite the pressure, but several several other authorities in the council have stepped down and the Labour Party has suspended four separate individuals pending the current investigation.


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