A Religion that Uses Human Sacrifice is Gaining Popularity with Mexican Drug Cartels

 ☰☵ Michele M. F. is licensed under CC BY 2.0

☰☵ Michele M. F.
is licensed under CC BY 2.0
La Santa Muerte is a threat to traditional Christianity and humanity in general.

United States residents living by the Mexican border are being warned by the Catholic Church and Texas officials of “Saint Death” or the “Holy Death.” This is La Santa Muerte, a folk religion which originally began in Mexico and is now rapidly gaining popularity among violent criminals and drug traffickers.

A Religion that Uses Human Sacrifice is Gaining Popularity with Mexican Drug Cartels[/tweetthis]

Texas law enforcement officials told the media this deviant religion is now being openly practiced by violent lawbreakers and drug traffickers. An ex-narcotics detective, Robert Almonte, told a media house that an increasing number of criminals now pray to Santa Muerte.

La Santa Muerte is not a new phenomenon. It has been around since the latter part of the 1980s. Depicted as a mysterious and dark saint wearing a black robe commonly worn by nuns, it is well known among Mexican-American Catholics. It is distinctive as it carries a scythe. Human sacrifice is thought to be a part of this unorthodox spiritual outgrowth.

Proponents of mainstream Christianity have warned Christians against praying to this malevolent saint. John Wester, the Archbishop of Santa Fe said, “She’s not a saint. There is nothing good that can come out of praying to her. We have a lot of saints who represent the teaching of Jesus Christ. This is an aberration.”

According to people who pray to Santa Muerte, the benefits are repelling any kind of wrongdoing. It is said to provide supernatural help, including the protection of drug smugglers against law enforcement. Its devotees use Catholic prayers and shrines are built in its honor.

Catholic Churches in both Mexico and the United States have denounced Santa Muerte. Church authorities have repeatedly warned that worshiping the skeleton “saint” could be spiritually dangerous. It has become so dangerous that American bishops of El Paso and San Angelo joined their Mexican counterparts to urge Mexicans not to honor the folk saint. They termed her “antithetical” to what Jesus Christ had stood for.

According to Austin police, there have been no ritual killings on their patch. However, in separate incidents, police teams have discovered names of one probation officer and a judge written on a piece of paper. The hope of the those who had written the names is to make bad things happen to them so they go free from cases against them.


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