The History Channel Bible Secrets Revealed

New Theories on The Bible Uncovered in The History Channel’s New TV Show, Bible Secrets Revealed

The History Channel Bible Secrets Revealed

The History Channel, having received massive viewership by airing The Bible, a 10-part miniseries produced by reality TV mogul Mark Burnett, has debuted another religious series titled Bible Secrets Revealed. The six episode show will teach viewers the mysteries and hidden facts of both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The channel is banking on the heightened interest of the people on this religious book to attract audiences to the Biblical documentary. After being produced for more than six months, through interviews with several noted scholars in the United States and the Middle East, it is said to be controversial to the eyes of the people who take a literal and conservative theological reading of the book, but it has also been noted that the new series does not break any new grounds in Biblical studies.

Robert Cargill, a noted archeologist and religion professor at the University of Iowa, and a consulting producer of the show, claims they wanted the scholarship itself to be controversial and also to be based on the facts that have been found from their studies on the topic. Additionally, experts were consulted from the Islamic, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant and other secular backgrounds.

The first episode of Bible Secrets Revealed, “Lost in Translation,” aired last week. It was produced to portray the examinations on the traditional belief of Moses writing the Torah, the documentary that is believed to be written over several centuries, followed by the speculations on whether Adam and Eve were created together or one was created before the other and also about who had written the New Testament. It also deals with mysteries of how Goliath was killed. The episode was filmed over the summer at an archeological excavation site in Azekah, Israel, which is said to be near the site where the Biblical battle between David and Goliath is said to have taken place.

Cargill explains they are trying to look at the different approaches to the canon, because there are people who claim that The Bible is the word of God and there are others who say people have done their best in believing The Bible, but in modern times, we need to accept that nothing was created in six days and also that there was an evolution behind everything.

The Bible has always provided people the guidance to lead a better life, writings wherein people look towards for nuggets of wisdom. The main reason for the popularity is that, several people have found value in the writings in it. The Bible is proclaimed as a human document and that is the only thing the scholars look at. This religious book is also considered as a political document or an economic document by some people around the world. This show is said to answer all the questions regarding The Bible by providing viewers with a different insight on the religious book.

New episodes air Wednesday nights at 10pm ET on The History Channel. Catch up on full episodes here.


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