The Jain Monk Hunger Strike Leads To A Vegetarian City

Palitana Jain Temple
Palitana Jain Temple

200 monks in Palitana underwent a hunger strike to push for a citywide ban on animal slaughter which resulted in Palitana being recognized as the first vegetarian city in the world.

There are a variety of animal rights activists around the world that would do about anything to protect animals from being killed and eaten. There was a display recently in Palitna, India where Jain monks decided to have a hunger strike. This hunger strike was to pressure the city government to ban the slaughter of animals and the selling of meat within city limits.

Jainism practices the idea that all living beings deserve to be treated equally. To kill and eat another animal for food, especially when there are other types of food to eat, is seen as something that is morally wrong. These Jain monks were simply standing for something their religion believes in by having the hunger strike. While this is great for those who practice Jainism, it had a huge impact on others.

The city officials decided that it is best to place the ban on the killing of animals to keep the 200 monks from starving themselves to death.

Fishermen are not happy with the ban. Generally, they catch and sell fish within the city limits. Without being able to sell fish, they are worried about how they’re going to provide for themselves.

Other people affected by this ban are Muslims. According to World Crunch about 25% of the city is Muslim. They are quite different from Jainism and have different values. Their religion permits them to have a non-vegetarian diet, so this causes a huge rift when 1/4th the population against the government’s decision.

Those who practice Jainism are enjoying this victory as this city is known as a holy place. Being able to be free of the slaughter of animals may have a huge impact on those who practice this religion since it can draw many more to the city.

For those who are vegetarian, vegan, or animal rights activists, this is a huge victory as Palitana is the first city that is officially cruelty-free for animals. It is seen as an example set for other cities to follow.

Whenever you start to mix things like different religions, impact on businesses, and the debate between meat-eaters and vegetarians, it is bound to cause a number of problems. While the government has made this decision today, we do not know how long this decision is going to stand against the opposing groups.


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