Huckabee: There Better Not Be Doritos At Your Super Bowl Party

Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Mike Huckabee lashes out against “anti-Christian” rainbow-colored Doritos.

Republican presidential candidate has stirred up a storm by adding a new opponent to his list of a dozen opposing presidential candidates. The new opponent being: a bag of rainbow-colored chips. The colorful tortilla chips are limited edition Frito-Lay’sRainbow Doritos.” The product was a result of a partnership between Frito-Lay and the It Gets Better project. Upon donating $10 to the It Gets Better project, one could have had a bag of Rainbow Doritos mailed to their address.

The It Gets Better project is aimed at fighting anti-LGBT bullying and the Frito-Lay Corporation joined in this partnership to show its support to the cause. Unfortunately, the cause got lost in the message that was perceived by the former Arkansas Governor, who saw the partnership as Frito-Lay joining hands with sex columnist, Dan Savage, who originally started the idea of It Gets Better, but is no longer actively affiliated to the organization.

Huckabee offended by Frito-Lay’s affiliation with Dan Savage

Although it might seem a bit far-fetched to imply that Frito-Lay openly supports the anti-Christian hate speeches of Dan Savage by producing a bag of rainbow colored chips, the former Governor might be hinting at the several occasions that Savage has made comments against the Christian religion. This is what makes Savage an enemy in the eyes of the opponents of gay marriage and gay rights.

According to Savage, the ones accusing him of bullying Christians in his writing are the real bullies as they do not understand the cause he is supporting. He emphasizes on the fact that It Gets Better is a project that instills faith in the youth today who are gay and are afraid to admit it. It is to help them accept themselves, lead a healthy lifestyle, and prevent suicide, something many succumb to when they are not given proper assistance or acceptance. He says that the conservatives don’t realize that many times it is their gay, transgender, and lesbian kids who do not receive the support of their family and face bullying problems the most.

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David Lane of the American Renewal Project, who is supporting Huckabee’s ideas, says that it is Savage’s way of promoting an agenda, which will eventually lead to the collapse of America. He says America’s decline will be caused by the movement of homosexuals from libertarian positions to totalitarian, which will further the country into fascism.

Stuck in the debate between the two parties is a rainbow colored bag of chips, which although has long gone out of stock, still has people fighting over it.


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