Christian Book Says You Can Believe in Both Evolution and Creation

New book How I Changed My Mind About Evolution explains how evolution and creation are compatible theories.

The BioLogos Foundation recently published a book titled How I Changed My Mind About Evolution, which explains to the world that it is possible to be of Christian faith and still believe or accept the scientific Darwinian account of human evolution. The book contains 25e personal essays from scientists, scholars and clergy. The beauty and the practicality of the book is that it holds the Bible in high regard without discrediting scientific findings or facts. The book was published in cooperation with InterVarsity Press, a leading publisher of evangelical Christian books.

Christian Book Says You Can Believe in Both Evolution and Creation[/tweetthis]

How I Changed My Mind About EvolutionThe BioLogos Foundation is a Christian advocacy group. Founded in 2007, its main aim is to promote compatibility between Christian faith and science.

According to the president of BioLogos, Deborah Haarsma, an astrophysicist, the purpose of the book is to just tell stories. The power of storytelling engages the soul and heart as well as the mind. The book contains one of her stories as well, about her slow, yet thoughtful shift from the Creation story of Adam and Eve to the scientific explanation of human evolution.

Haarsma says that she is not an atheist, in fact, the more she got into the scientific explanation of evolution, the more she got driven back to the Bible, to find out more about the Genesis teachings. According to her, “God is continually sustaining the universe He created with intention and for a purpose.” Not replacing God with science provides a human description of how God is creating and sustaining.

Another contributor of the book is Menlo Megachurch pastor John Ortberg who said, “The more we see the Bible through ancient eyes, the more we are able to see science through contemporary eyes.” Also, it is vital that the young generation not be asked to choose between religion and science. The Church is already losing a lot of bright young people as a result of them getting misinformation about faith or science or both.

Belief in evolution by religious traditionApart from the book, BioLogos is also planning to send theologians and scientists to speak in universities, seminaries, and churches, to spread the message.

According to a Pew Research study published last year, 34 percent of U.S. adults reject evolution, stating that human beings and other living things existed in the current form from the beginning of time. 33 percent believe that all living beings evolved as a result of natural processes. 25 percent credit a supreme being for the guidance of evolution.

There has always been a conflict between Christian faith and science, with evolution being the key factor most debated. The book How I Changed My Mind about Evolution is a welcome collection of essays for those who really want to embrace both science and religion in every way.


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