Hindus worldwide praise President Obama for including “Hindus” in Easter message

Hindus world over have applauded American President Barack Obama for including “Hindus” in his “Easter and Passover Greetings” address on April 19. Obama said

Why Volunteer?—Making a Difference

April 6 – 12 is National Volunteer Week and millions of Americans can be proud of the work they have done this year and

Second World Conference on Untouchability Being Held Until Friday April 18

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Father of the Indian Constitution, will be studied at the Second World Conference on Untouchability, being held in Kathmandu, Nepal this

School is not a battleground for religion!

Jai Shri Raam! I received recently a communication on Facebook that was rather disconcerting – it was typed in large font in Telugu, one

Opposition to the Council of Europe’s Upcoming Vote to Establish “Sect Observatories” and “Sect Awareness Sessions” Swells

Next week, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) will vote on a Report and Resolution that proposes to adopt the controversial

Freedom of Religion as a Human Right: The Council of Europe’s Upcoming Vote on Establishing “Sect Observatories”

For Americans accustomed to the (at least theoretical) separation of church and state implicit in the First Amendment of the Constitution, it may come

United Sects of Islam: A Different Perspective on Unity and Sectarianism

A popular argument employed by atheists (and other like minded people) against people who subscribe to a religion is that religion has split mankind

Storming Zion Blog

Storming Zion: A Historical Account of Government Raids on New Religious Movements

Four years ago I set out with my colleague Susan Palmer to collect data on government raids targeting new or nontraditional religious movements (NRMs).

First Official UK Wedding in a Scientology Church

The first official Scientology wedding in England took place Sunday February 23 at the Scientology Church at 146 Queen Victoria Street, London. For most

Stages Of Consciousness

Stages of Consciousness in a Believer: A Quranist’s Perspective

I believe, we as believers, pass through different stages of consciousness on our journey to God. I have long thought about this, and today