Tom Whittle Jim Marrs

Jim Marrs: In Memoriam

Jim Marrs: Iconic Searcher for Truth Jim Marrs made his home in the rolling hill country north of Springtown, Texas—where longhorns roam and where,

Exclusive Interview with Peter Scott: AI, Faith, and the Future

With a large enough view of the universe and God's role, there is room within religion for artificial intelligence. World Religion News recently released

Karen Armstrong Golden Rule TED talk

Karen Armstrong TED Talk: Reviving the ‘Golden Rule’ For Everyone

Karen Armstrong -- Religious Scholar and winner of the 2008 TED Prize -- is a provocative, original thinker on the role of religion in

Yes, You Can Be a Gay Christian

You Can Love Who You Want and God Being LGBT+ in the United States comes with a laundry list of inequalities, all at a

Karen Armstrong: Don’t Blame Religion For Terrorism

Karen Armstrong examines the knotted history of religion and violence In a time when Muslim extremists quote the Koran as they behead their victims,

Listen to the Jehovah’s Witnesses Response to Ban in Russia [Audio]

Jehovah's Witness audio clip offers a message of support for followers. The Jehovah’s Witnesses gave an official response to the Russian ruling banning the

Two Black Pastors are Suing Coca-Cola for Misleading Public on Health Risks of Soda

The company allegedly ran deceptive campaigns intentionally. Two African-American pastors, Willam Lamar of Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church in Washington D.C. and Delman Coates

Catholic Nuns in PA Set Up Chapel at Proposed Pipeline Site

Environmental activism by Catholic nuns in Pennsylvania. The Atlantic Sunrise pipeline project has been greeted with great public opposition especially in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

A House Left Desolate: Understanding Deception in Your Faith

The last place we might think deception would come to us is from within the church through its leadership. Is it possible to have

After DOJ Sues, Hobby Lobby Agrees to Forfeit Smuggled Iraqi Artifacts

The Green family illegally acquired the artifacts for the Museum of the Bible. Hobby Lobby, the American Arts and Crafts chain, will pay three