Tao Heart

Mister Feng Shui Teaches How to Cleanse Your Heart with Tao

Tao Heart
Kerby Kuek, AKA Mister Feng Shui, wrote this informative article for The Standard in Hong Kong where he describes Tao and how it can help cleanse the heart.

He writes, “While circulating the universe, Tao is formless and bodiless. All things are embedded with their own rationale and reasons for existence. Tao will sense anything that contains a spirit and act accordingly…”

Kerby Kuek is an author who has published 15 books focusing primarily on feng shui, inner alchemy, Taoism and metaphysics. He is well-practiced in the disciplines of Chinese astrology, name analysis, Feng Shui, life and face reading, and I-Ching.

To read more on Kerby Kuek and his work, visit his website www.misterfengshui.com.

To read his article on Taoism and the way to cleanse your heart, click here.

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