Why "The Exorcist" Director's New Documentary Made Him A Believer

“The Exorcist” Director’s New Documentary on Real-Life Exorcisms

Why "The Exorcist" Director's New Documentary Made Him A Believer

William Friedkin Said Exorcism Footage “Scared” Him

William Friedkin directed The Exorcist, scaring millions of people. But now, his new movie is terrifying himself.

“The Exorcist” Director’s New Documentary on Real-Life Exorcisms[/tweetthis]

The Devil and Father Amorth follows Friedkin as he shadows Gabriele Amorth, one of the Vatican’s top exorcists.
Father Amorth, who did over 160,000 exorcisms, passed away in September 2016.

As someone who brought a popular appeal to exorcisms, Friedkin was invited to attend a ceremony to try to rid a woman of demonic possession.

Friedkin was so affected by the ceremony that if he were to re-make The Exorcist today, he would change his original movie, eliminating the more shocking elements like head spinning because the real-life scenario is actually so much worse.


Friedkin goes to members of the medical community to see if there is a rational explanation for demonic possession. Many of the people he interviewed said there was not a medical reason. In fact, many announced they had created a new psychiatric disorder called “dissociative identity disorder” to describe the increasing number of people who are claiming to be possessed.

The Vatican reports the number of possessions has increased exponentially in the last decade.

The movie will be released to wide audiences this Friday.


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