Jerry Lewis being directed by group

Jerry Lewis Dies at 91 – “Religion is in the Heart”

Jerry Lewis being directed by group
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Famous American Jewish Comedian Left Legacy on World

Jerry Lewis, a member of the old Hollywood nobility, died at 91. A comedian, writer, actor, singer, and was associated with the famous “Rat Pack.”
Jerry Lewis Dies at 91 – “Religion is in the Heart”[/tweetthis]

He grew up as an Orthodox Jew, his parents were Russian Jewish immigrants. He later said he believed that “religion is in the heart” and did not attend synagogue routinely.

His first marriage to Patti Palmer, who was a Catholic, was a famous interfaith marriage. He had 4 of his 6 sons baptized but had his wife convert to Judaism before they were wed.

He was relatively private about his political and religious beliefs, instead believing that an entertainer should be focusing on his craft. His humor was seen as being influenced by post-war Jewish comedy and becoming one of Comedy’s most iconic figures.

He was known for his charity work and remains the only comedian to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.


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