Is it okay for Christians to have Sex with Robots?

Is it okay for Christians to have Sex with Robots?

Is it okay for Christians to have Sex with Robots?

70% of men favor sex with robots

With several studies arriving at the same conclusion – that the rise of digisexuals, or people who are in exclusive sexual relationships with their robots, is imminent – it is time for the church to take a stand about its members having sex with robots.

Is it okay for Christians to have Sex with Robots?[/tweetthis]

The Ethics of “Digisexuality”

A recent report by the Foundation for Responsible Robotics estimated that about 70% of men are in favor of streamlining the production of pleasure or sex robots. At present, anyone can buy a sex robot with $5 to $15 in hand, with more sophisticated models going for significantly more than that. Ethics researchers from the University of Manitoba named Neil McArthur and Markie Twist showed that the prevalence of sex robots will likely have a negative and positive impact on society.

On the one hand, digisexuality could be helpful for people who have suffered sexual trauma and those who have a hard time forming human connections. On the other, it could put an end to human intimacy and promote vices such as sexual abuse and increased prostitution.

What does the Church have to say?

So far, only leaders of the Salvation Army community have commented on digisexuality, which is surprising considering the consequences the Church would face were their members to embrace robots as sex partners.

In a statement written on the Christian Post, SDA leaders urged Christians to abstain from sex with robots on the basis of it being against God’s plan for sex. Digisexuality would remove the intimacy and wonder of sex, along with its purpose, from the relationships of those who practiced it. Additionally, commercialization of sex as a commodity would encourage the objectification of women and children, ultimately resulting in increased human trafficking and prostitution as demand for sex grew.


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